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Interior Design

Let us work with you to create a complete interior design scheme for one room or your whole home.


We'll cover everything from initial concept, through product / materials / trades selection to management of the works.


Your design will be save in our hands.

Home Styling

If you are already happy with the basic layout / colour scheme / design of your home, we can add those all important styling touches that give it the "wow" factor.


Maybe your holiday home needs a quick update before the season with some on trend pieces - to give returning guests a surprise and make new guests want to return.


You have the design and know exactly how your home is going to look, now you just need a team of experienced builders to make your dream a reality.

We can make it happen!  We have construction specialists, carpenters, masons, plumbers, electricians, heating engineers and project managers in house - so no waiting around for trades to be available, meaning you will get your dream home on time and in budget.

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